TORCH Georeferencing

Welcome to the TORCH georeferencing training and resources page. This page will help guide you through the process of learning how to georeference using the GeoLocate platform and gives you access to useful resources to help you georeference.

Step 1) Email your TORCH georeferencing contact and let them know you’re starting the training process. If you don’t have a contact yet, please email Jason Best.
Step 2) Complete the TORCH Collaborative Georeferencing Course
Step 3) Create account in CoGe (GeoLocate Collaborative Georeferencing platform)
Step 4) Join the ‘Sandbox (test)’ community in CoGe and practice using GeoLocate
Step 5) Notify your georeferencing contact when ready for the official Georeferencing Test
Step 6) Complete your test and review with staff member
Step 7) Accept county assignment, and start georeferencing!

Useful Georeferencing Resources